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Our approach is to treat the patient and not the illness!

For those who need a descontracturant massage:

People who need to relax the muscles, and dissolve contractures that are produced by stress, poor posture, lack of rest and even life too sedentary.


For those who need a sports massage:

To people who need to prepare the muscle tissue for sports effort and to prevent and recover injuries both in training and in competition.


For those who need to connect with their interior:

All the people who need to connect in some way with their inner self, the therapist removes the excess load of some muscles, releases stress, and mental tension also, are very relevant and effective passes throughout the body, face and feet.


For those who want to relax:

All the people that nowadays need to be harmonized to eliminate the pain, reduce or eliminate the muscular tensions, improving the blood and lymphatic circulation in general.


For the most foresighted:

People who want to relieve specific pain as preventive medicine through an ayurvedic massage with four hands, since they increase circulation, stimulate and prevent the lymphatic system and open the flow of vital force, cleaning and revitalizing the body, there are several treatments within it, and they are;


For those who need to be purified:

With this srotabhayanga massage we eliminate toxins in the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems and reactivate the metabolism, fluid retention, circulatory problems, fatigue, etc. avoiding toxins in the body.


For those who want everything:

The brand massage is an integral whole body massage that strengthens the function of the brain and has a calming effect and relax on the body, mind and soul.


For those who live with stress:

Champa massage is a cranial massage that allows you to enjoy and feel its effects after treatment for a long time, eliminates stress and cumulative tension in the head, neck and back.

Acupuncture and massage


This millenary technique is based on the introduction of very fine silver needles in certain points of the body that are highly energetic according to the meridians (channels through which the energy of the organism called QI circulates), allows the maintenance and nutrition of the viscera transmitting impulses between the various parts of the body correcting their functions and maintaining the balance of the body and mind in general. You have the possibility of requesting a combination of massage, with acupuncture, and in this way work more thoroughly the pathology, working the body, muscles, fibers and regularizing all the channels and meridians of acupuncture

Herbal medicine and Herbology


The phytotherapy helps us in the personalized study of each patient of allied medicinal plants to take care of health, from both sides, the Oriental one following the criteria of the TCM and the European one, we make differentiation of syndromes, the phytotherapy (it is a personalized study of each one, is like making a suit tailored to each one and situation). It is the use of products originating from the earth, such as plants, minerals and animals, that help and strengthen us, for the prevention, cure or relief of a wide variety of symptoms and diseases. With the herbalist we rely on the application of the properties of plants and their extracts as has been done since the beginning of time such as fungi, products obtained from bees, certain minerals, shells, homeopathy to relieve local pain or specific situations.

Cupping y ventosas


The suckers provoke skin and tissue stimuli through the production of vacuum, with them we work the nervous and locomotor system and are also used in the beauty field for its muscle relaxant effect in addition to eliminating stagnant cold, help to lose fat, to carry more globules red, white and platelets to the muscles, release moisture, etc ... This therapy is accompanied by massage or acupuncture, request more information.

Children's digitopuncture


This action is intended to achieve the same results as with acupuncture, but when addressing the youngest of the house we will focus on the meridians corresponding to the small block with the fingers, since generally panic to needles is greater in those ages

Free workshops of Tibetan Bowls, Reiki and Qi Gong


If you are interested in learning to play bowls, practice Reiki or enjoy and improve your health with  Qi Gong, sign up for the workshop you want, for free, we will start at the beginning of April 2018

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Foot Reflexology massage


We work on the feet where we have reflected all the organs and viscera of our body, starting from the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine, to work with the insufficiency as well as with the excess of the organs or the viscera, to harmonize the body, It also relaxes a lot, and raises the immune system.


According to the pathology we work with Bach Flowers, Bach Flowers have the quality and the ability to turn a negative emotion into a positive one.

Reiki Therapy massages


This therapy of imposition of hands, is recognized through the OMS, (World Health Organization) as healing therapy, try to find the balance between the body, the mind, and the spirit...

It is a complementary  technique  with others  especially after  massage, it gives very good results  and you feel a great inner peace.

It is complementary with the Tibetan bowls and you can close the treatment with a session in order to reestablish the free circulation of energy in the body, set and undo the blocks that prevent free circulation of your vital force to all your vital organs.


Tibetan Bowls acupuncture and massage


With our Tibetan bowls we treat through the sound and the vibration they emit in the different energetic points

from the human body and that we called them chakras or marmas, balances or harmonizes according to these energy points and transmitting serenity, relaxation among other sensations that are perceived as we are 70% water

Also the sound modifies our brain waves, helping us to enter other levels of consciousness, where spontaneous healing states are possible, and also mystical state makings more receptive towards self-healing



Holistic psychotherapy and self-help


Holistic Psychotherapy is developed considering the human being as a whole, that is, we take into account the physical dimension, what refers to our mind, our emotions, our spirit and our energy. It works to heal the person, so that they feel in harmony, attending to the particularities of each individual. In this way, it helps each one to connect with their healthiest parts, and thus be able to solve difficulties, problems, blockages, transforming experiences and emotions. Both therapies seek to provide patients with resources, motivation and positivity, moving them away from trauma, giving clues to prevent and choose an environment correctly to maintain a stable life, balancing thoughts, balancing feelings

Hypnosis and Regressions


nosis como herramienta en la terapia cognitivo conductual

Hypnosis is a tool that can be used in cognitive behavioral therapy. Can you imagine a way to lose weight without having to count calories, without forbidding food and without feeling guilty about chopping? Well, it exists and it works. It's called hypnosis and it has excellent success levels. Hypnosis to stop smoking is a well-known method, in fact, almost everyone knows someone who has quit smoking with hypnosis. If you have made the decision to quit smoking and are looking for a method that will help you quit more easily, with less effort and with more guarantees of success, hypnosis can help you -Therapeutic Regressions: They are a set of techniques that rely on hypnosis to make the person remember events from the past to solve traumas and psychosomatic affections that affect their present and are based on their past and thus be able to solve the current blockade.

Meditation and Relaxation


Meditations: Through the meditations it is about teaching to lead the mind of the person to reach a state of peace and tranquility, teaching to work the mind, body and spirit at the same time. Avoiding unnecessary stress loads and making hasty decisions.


Relaxation: To teach you how to relax properly we train you with techniques, procedures or activities that help people reduce their physical and / or mental tension, so that they can continue with their daily life in the best possible way, focused on the inner self and not in the external factors that overwhelm us day by day.

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*Todos los precios son orientativos
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