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The essence of our team.

We are a team of therapists dedicated to physical, mental and spiritual health.


Specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Licensed by the University of Beijing and the International University Miguel de Cervantes of Madrid.

Diplomated in Madrid and Valladolid in acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy and hypnosis.


We have long experience in the sector and we are professionally endorsed, with more than 17 years of experience, although it is not what makes us different ...

What makes us different is our passion for our work and the degree of involvement we take with our clients, since behind each one of you, there is a reason for us to give our best every day, with very positive results.

 Waiting to connect with you, receive a strong hug full of peace and love.

                                               Miguel & Chuss

Miguel&Chuss in our Burgos Center
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